Monday, 12 May 2008

Lohan's Leggings

Lohan's Leggings- Picture from Catwalk Queen
I am sure you have heard endless juice from almost all fashion websites/blogs about Lil miss Lilo's line of leggings, "6126". Well she has finally launched them! And to be honest, when I first read about them on Catwalk Queen about a month ago, I was eager to find out what they looked like. And I actually do like them. They are American Apparel-Esq but with Lohan's twist and I especially like the toe-less pair and the zip pair. These are the only ones I have seen as of yet, and hopefully the rest are just as nice. I would like to know the prices of these actually, and also how much design input she personally had in "6126."

By the way, I spotted another one of Lohan's Legging promo shots and realise that dress she is wearing (PICTURE BELOW), is actually from H&M!! And it is a barginlicious £7.99! I have zoomed in on the picture and the button detail/print is identical to the H&M one I saw. I do not have a picture but when I go to the new Camden Town H&M tomorrow I will snappy snap it. I have the same one but with a Leopard Print (of course darlin'!) but I was adamant that it was a long vest. I guess it is a dress now.
Picture from The Daily Mail, Dress: H&M [?!] (£9.99)

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