Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Sunny Morning Trip To the Dentist...then the Dreded Dress

The joys of the dentist. The joys of having two sets of hands in my half numb mouth (by the way my ear went numb), a suction tube and a mini-hairdryer looking thing that shoots laser radars into my teeth. Oh. And the joys of the lovely drill. Did I mention they forgot to write my appointment down in their diary? Then they charged me a ridiculous amount of money which I could of spent on something else. The 3 fillings was unnecessary. I made an appointment for one and some how they made me get three. I didn't even have time to have breakfast, I had a stomach full of old fillings that escaped the suction tube. Yum. I couldn't even eat until after 5 hours. During which time my numb mouth started to FOAM whenever I spoke for a long period of time/got excited. I luckily noticed the foam when I was on the phone and looking in the mirror whilst waiting for Stephie. How shockingly eww. Imagine it foamed more and I never saw.

So Stephie & co. finally arrived at meeting point: Primark, when the dreaded happened. I got stuck in a dress. On the shop floor. In front of the massive queue. In the Oxford Street Branch! I always try stuff on on the shop floor in Primark because I cannot be asked to queue for half an hour. I thought I was an 8 in that dress. Obviously not. A teeny struggle to get in, but not so much that would have made my alarm bells go off. Then I tried to get it off. NO SUCH LUCK MATE. It would not budge, it got stuck on my hips for a good 10-15 minutes. I don't even have big hips, I am narrow shaped! Stephie suggested I waited for her friend to help me. I am not having three sets of hands trying to pull a dress of me. Stephie then suggested I try to get it off upwards, through my head. No way was this going to happen as my shoulders are wider that my hips!! I would have been stuck and wouldn't have been able to see people laugh at me with my arms in the air. The shame. So I done it. I ripped the dress. Just a centimeter. Its bad but I had no choice.

I still went and got the dress (Pics soon). Only in a bigger size. I do adore the dress.

3 comments: - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

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FashionSqueah! said...

looove primark! was there not that long ago.
i remember i ventured into the oxford st one back in february when i was visiting london and i got really scared! its mayhem in there!
still, its good for buying loooads and not spending too much cash :D

Rachie-Pie said...

I have a love hate relationship with primark. i love everything but i hate that they make me buy stuff and that evry other girl has the same thing as u....!

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