Friday, 23 May 2008

To wear, or not to wear, that is the question

Rachie is making me post this now, although I am extremely tired after a long day of doing nothing. So I have this family party on sat. And I bought this really niiiice skirt from, that doesnt seeem to go with anything and looks strange on me. Which is upsetting. Because I love it. But I also got these electric blue tights, which (in my opinion, look horrendous on me). I think its because I am what you would call curvy, and curvy people dont look good in these skirts, especially if your waist is a size 8, and your hips are size 12, like me, the freak of nature that I am. So here is the outfit on me.

And here it is on Rachie:

Will you not all agree that the slimmer person looks best in this outfit? Plese do, I like being right. It looks better on me with black tights, a waistcoat and a waistbelt, a la Sarah Jessica Parker. Not perfect, but better. Like this (excuse the face):I eagerly await your verdict.

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