Sunday, 11 May 2008

Skating on a Sunny Saturday....

I got back from a long day at work yesterday...after a horrifically long and humid 7 hours and 10 minitoes running up and down and out of a cooler stockroom. As per usual I miss the best part of the SUN (YES we have SUN in LONDON TOWN!) due to spending the most of the day at work serving some B.O-ey (body odor ergg!) customers. The SUN was still out when I got home after some yummy-bummy Nandos and I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to jump in the roller-skates that Stephie-Pie got me on me last birthday! YAY, what fun that was...part from the fact it went dark after like 17minitoes! SUCKAGE! But hey I have officially taken my roller skates virginity now! Must say, I worked some calf muscles which was good as I am virtually muscle-less!

On another note, I just want to express my hatred of those pesky kids who smashed up an already dead pigeon with not one, but several bricks. Then left all its feather's and bodily residue all over the road outside my home. Why would you do that?! It was already dead. To the cruel children...just remember your horridness will come back and bite you on your bum. You may get pecked to death. By pigeons.

Vest: Primark (£2), Skirt: H&M (£14.99), Belt: H&M (50p), Tights: Primark (£1), Trainers: Nike AF1 (£75), Black n Gold Chain: H&M/Hackney Market [deconstructed H&M black chain and re-constructed by moi with goldness!], Personalised necklace: Tatty Devine

Any-huu...a lil about the skirt I am wearing...! I first saw it about a month ago and never bought it as I thought I must stop buying things...but...I regretted it, kept thinking about it and wanted it even more when I saw that Annah from her fashion, art and mess blog had it! I was jealous. So my quest to find that skirt was dreadful...this must of been 3 weeks after now and it was virtually sold out...I went to ALL the H&M's in Oxford street, Covent Garden, my local one and finally found it in Knightsbridge! Last size 10 as well…My mission is complete...
S'Laters xoxo

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