Friday, 9 May 2008

Hellooo Worlddd....

(Stephie-Pie and Rachie-Pie in H&M donning vinyl visors with lace!)

Welcome to our blog! We are Ms. Rachie-Pie and Ms. Stephie-Pie...two journalism students-one who studies in north London and one who studies in south London...and we have been the bestest buddies for the last 10 (plus) years....!

Our profile picture (somewhere on the right...) was us when we were wee-little dumplings on a school trip to Pendarren, Wales...where Stephie-Pie fell (WHOLE BODIED!!) in horse/sheep poop and where Rachie-Pie screamed the house down and accused some 6th formers of knicking her monies...when she actually FORGOT she hid it in her shoes to PREVENT IT FROM GETTING knicked...!

We wanted to start a blog because we kept reading other people's blog and realised one day, "HEY! We should do one too! We're interesting right?!right dammit!"....and also beacuse we were inspired by Catwalk Queen at Shiny Media...where we tried to apply for work experience (we have yet to hear anything!) So what would you find in our blog? Hmm...Stuff reallyy...anything and everything we feel worth sharing with everyone...from shopping bargins (Rachie-Pie's forte) amazing shoes (Stephie-Pie's Forte) Trainers (Rachie-Pie's Unhealthy Addiction)!

We will try our besty to post regularly!


Rachie-Pie & Stephie-Pie .... You Know You Love Us XOXO (In the words of Gossip Girlll!)

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