Tuesday, 13 May 2008

'Man' Me

What does 'Man Me' mean? Well Stephie made it up. 'Man You' is what she referred to this certain person as when I was around. It basically mean the man version of ones self. Apparently mine is GOK WAN. Yes. That stylist/TV host on Channel 4. I do not agree at all. I went past Dorothy Perkins today and his photo was on the window so I saw it as a photo opportunity to prove Stephie wrong. What do you think?

Please excuse my hamburger head. And the baby monkey expression, my face becomes squishy when I get too excited. And by the way: NO RESEMBALANCE!

My new quest: Find Stephie's man Twin.

1 comment:

Stephie said...

Its ONLY when u wear your glasses!!!! U need to put ur glasses on and go back there!

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