Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Geek Friggin' Chic

I am so over it. Geek friggin' Chic. I do not understand why I am STILL reading so much about the fabulousness of geek chic.

When I was in school Geek was not cool. Geek meant Smarty-pants. And being a 'know-it-all' in a relatively ghetto school was not good (does bottom of the league table in your borough count as ghetto?) I was called a geek amongst my clique. And now in University I am an 'eager-beaver' (so what?! I want to meet deadlines dammit).

Geek Chic. I suspect the popularity of it all started when The OC started. We saw cute geek Seth and his love of comics and everything 'geek'-like. And suddenly Chicks loved Geeks. So every dude decided it is cool to be geeky and started to get into comics and the like. Well it is not cool if you are begging to be geeky. Stop Begging. Save some face and just be YOU.

And then early last year, the 80's style came in. With that came big glasses. Big Geeky Glasses. My sister was wearing these 'geek' classes then: see above pic. I tried to do this look LAST YEAR also and it was not me: My giant head and square jaw with giant do the maths. What I do not understand is why does it seem that this style has only recently been discovered this year? Why am I seeing so much about finding the perfect pair?

Geek Chick is so mainstream now and it is not cool no more. Which sucks. Because those glasses were pretty cool. And cute.

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