Sunday, 25 May 2008

Comic Convention Expo 2008

This is what I wore to the comic convention. Note the Hulk tee...I tried to fit in...But it matches my skirt more! (you may have notice I have lots of superhero not know why...this is my fav though) Excuse the 'sun in my eyes' look.

I went to the MCM Expo at Excel London yesterday. How very boring. It is a movie, comic and media convention that runs twice every year but it may as well be called Naruto convention. Every single stall has Naruto merchandise which sucked as I am not a Naruto fan. Nor am I into cosplay, which everyone there was into (obviously)-they went to great lengths to re-create their characters look which I must give them a high 5 for. Last year my sister went and got a couple of sweet Sanrio things but this year had zilch. Which also sucks because that is the only reason I went. I queued up for 1 and a half hours and paid £9 with my lovely superdan and brother and then we left an hour later. We did make a few purchases: Lovely superdan got 2 giant Superman statues for £20-we later saw it at Forbidden Planet for £115 (he is a comic geek), a Superman cup and Astro Boy cup for £1 each. I got the Astro Boy cup, and a couple of Japanese doughnut key rings. We did, however, meet the amazing go, go Power Rangers. They rocked:

Me, Lovely Superdan and my brothers friends (who let us push in the queue) with the Power Rangers. Either blue ranger Billy has got me in a headlock or he is hugging me.

I will win an award for 'cheesiest smile next to the Power Rangers' one day

Me and The Incredible Hulk...Woo snap! My tee! My foot is the size of his toe. WOW-ZA

Me and the Soft Puft Marshmallow Man. He is quite cute-if only he wasn't so scary in the movies.

My new additons. Only£2 each...The big choc doughnut is squishy!

A giant light switch in the middle Piccadilly Circus, where it was once Burger King. Don't know what it is promoting but it is tres cool. This is why I love just find random amazing the giant plug and switch at the back of Carnaby Street. Stephie has a pic.


Anonymous said...

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karla said...

love your funky style!

FashionSqueah! said...

I love your superhero t-shirts! I'm trying to add more casual stuff into my wardrobe (never really was a t-shirt kinda gal)! You've made me paranoid about the leopard hair clips breaking! I also bought the pack just for those ones he he, plus I'm uber-clumsy...

Rachie-Pie said...

My wardrobe is tees and jeans...i think im a tee/jeans girl..with a twist!

AlicePleasance said...

Love the Marshmallow Man! I think it was "Uomo delle caramelle" in italian, literally "Candy Man". Scary enough if you think of the horror movie!

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