Thursday, 15 May 2008

What's In Steph's Make Up Bag

In response to Rachie going on (and on and on) about trainers which she will not stop buying (and in response to a comment left on her post it is hard to wear 60 pairs of trainers enough to get a good price-per-wear out of them), I decided an introduction to my addiction would be neccessary.

Make Up. It is my thing. No, I don't look like the women behind the MAC counter (or even worse, the Urban Decay counter..shudder) but I have a appreciation for the wonderous things it can do for your face. I think my passion has come from the quest to find products pale enough for my ghost-like skin, and has just led to an obsession with trying anything I can get my hands on. And I always wished there was someone to tell me about the good stuff so I didn't waste money trying to find it myself. And now there is. Me! Yay. Ok...

Maxfacter Masterpiece Max mascara is my favourate, its makes my blonde eyelashes nice and long and dark and fluttery. If you're thinking, wow, expensive, I won't be buying that, well then you better not read any more.

I use the wondrousness that is Mineral make up. It. Is. Amazing.

And its supposed to be really good for your skin, if you get a good one that isn't full of talc. The reps all say you can sleep in it, but I have learnt from experiance that this isn't a good idea. Mineral make up is available more in the UK then it was, and I've heard there may be some concessions of good brands like ID Bare Minerals opening in Selfridges, so you should go and take a look. I use a brand called Lily Lolo which is only available online. Also if you use Mineral foundation, its a good idea to use a primer. I like MAC prep and primer, its velvety smooth and it has SPF 50!! 50!!!!!!!

... has its own catagory because I own so much of it and its my fave brand. Its not as expensive as some other high end brands, and its lasts for ages. High Beam is a highlighter that gives you a rosy glow. Seven of my friends love this and they all have differant skin shades (asian, african, olive, pale).

I have a tiny tube of it that's lasted about 7 months. Lemon Aid covers up redness and those veins you get around your eyes. Benefit blusher is so natural, I use Georgia, which gives my pale skin a natural blushy goodness and has lastest over 2 years even though i use it everyday (THAT is good price-per-wear).

Eyecake eyeliner is brillant, its a solid eyeliner that you put a drop of water into to make a liquid. It stays on all day and you get two shades, brown and black (If you want a pencil though, the best I've tried is MAC, my eyes watered from the sun and it didnt move).

For beliving the hype, YSL Touch Eclat really is that good, although get it from duty free places cause its like £14, instead of £20. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is my godsend. Dry skin? Gone. Burns? Gone. Chapped lips in winter? Gone. Love it.

Beauty secrets
Aussie conditioner is the best one I've ever tried. EVER. And its only £4. Boots do a lot of deals on it, like 2 for 1 and so on. (Tip: Comb through as soon as youve put it in, and leave it on for as long as you can, not just 3 minutes)

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dry Shampoo is a miricle. Greasy hair? Got to get to school/work/uni? No time to wash? Spray onto roots, rub, and voila! Instant clean hair!

My biggest rule is: use eyelash curlers. I know they look like instruments of torture, but just try them. They make you look more awake, and your mascara looks so much better, especially if you have short eyelashes.

Ok, I'm all make up-ed out now.

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Rachie-Pie said...

AGREE! the best mascara...though I wish it would last longer than 3 weeks.

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