Thursday, 15 May 2008

Back to Basics

Please excuse my 'muffin top' over my jeans. Too much Nandos. Tee: Supreme Being (£25 but on sale for £5!), Belt: Primark (£2), Super Skinnies: Uni Qlo (£20), Trainers: Nike AF1 (£75)
As I thought. The typical London Town weather is back with a vengeance. And so are my lovely Super Skinnies. This is the typical cold, wet weather outfit. Jacket varies depending on how cold it is. As usual I misjudged the weather and thought it was warmer so I donned my light tartan Topshop Jacket. Big Mistake. Cold Cold Arms dammit!

On the note of my precious Super Skinnes, I just want to vent my anger at Uni-Qlo who has stopped making them. Why, Oh Why! Everyone knows just how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. Uni-Qlo made my perfect pair. They were barginlicious. They fit like a glove. A tight pair of gloves. Just what I wanted. And they go skinny all the way down...No gathering at the bottom. The length was perfect. I got one in each colour (Dark Blue, Black, Light denim). And then the dreaded happened. The black started to fade. So I moved onto the dark pair. Shock Horror. They too started to fade. I know you guys may think they fade quick because they were cheap but trust me, I wore nothing but these jeans. I wore them continuously (I know eww..!) until they loosened to the point where they were sagging and needed to go in the wash to "Shrink". Anyway. I was fuming. I refused to wear the light pair as they were my summer pair. So I went to all 5 of the Uni-Qlo's in Oxford Street (They are doing what H&M does...One store every 2 minutes walk). And got told time and time again that they no longer stock them and only had "Straight Skinny". NO NO NO. I do not want another pair of wannabe skinnies, I wanted SUPER SKINNIES. I refused to give up and then found them - on sale. For £9.99. Then they went to £6.99. If I could choose my favourite word, 'SALE', would be a contender. But they decided to kick me up the bum and beat me to a ridiculous pulp by not having my size. Non in my size. Nothing.

I will try my very best to reserve the conditions of my Super Skinnies. I will try and not wear them as much. Only for special occasions. And I will wear my H&M's - the poor excuse of skinny jeans.


Anonymous said...

OHHH my gosh your jeans are like so hot i love your style im working for vouge headquarters and i need on the front page email me [email protected] my name is dan aka the man chow babe! xx

Rachie-Pie said...

you are so stupid 'anonymous'!Silly billy daniel BUM!

Stephie said...

ah haaaaaaaa!! i was thinking yea ok what freak thinks rach is gonna believe he works for vogue when he cant even spell it right.

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