Wednesday, 17 October 2012

In-N-Out Burger London: I Went, I Conquered, and I Got The T-shirt

Seriously, I did actually buy the t-shirt:

So it all started at around 8am this morning with @ibzo's tweet of this newspaper advertisement. Rumours were floating around on Twitter from a few top foodies about an apparent pop-up of my favourite West Coast fast food chain In-N-Out. Surely not I cried. SURELY NOT IN LONDON?!

I was skeptical about the whole thing for numerous reasons:
  1. It was based in Hendon, who actually goes to Hendon?!
  2. It was based in the most random and inconspicuous Italian cafe in London called Florence Cafe
  3. In-N-Out hasn't even branched out of the West Coast of America, why London?
  4. It would only be opened today, it's a Tuesday
  5. It would only be opened for 4 hours
  6. Did I mention, HENDON?!
At first, excitement hit as you know, I fucking love their burgers, and their fries, and their shakes. Then reality set in and made me think of Vice's mean Kanye prank. What if Vice (or whoever for that matter) was playing a trick on all the London foodies, sending them out to basically the middle of nowhere to seek a cult-branded burger? 

My suspicions were proven wrong by Twitter, no one can be that evil. In-N-Out in London was not a myth, or a rumour, or a horrible hoax. 

IT HAPPENED. And I got to experience it.

I almost let this 4 hour pop-up pass by, I battled against myself and my inner fattie. But, I couldn't resist. "YOLO". Nor could I not go after getting my colleague all hyped up about it! So off we went, at 11.30am (we work for the best company) to get our hands on that burger and sip from that iconic red on white palm tree printed paper cup - reminding me of days in California and Vegas (SAD). 

I even topped up my oyster card for the occasion, and trust me when I say, it takes a lot for me to top up for a Tube journey! I feared the 350 burgers would run out before we got there. And, as we were nearing Hendon Central, I was getting more and more excited and stupidly giddy. Never been that excited before. Ever.

We arrived with good timing at around midday - the queues were low with only a 15 minute wait. We were greeted, given a wristband and some merchandise (!!!!)

We got talking to Brian, the main guy there (Authentically American btw), who has been in the company for 18 years! He informed us they chose the location to avoid crowds and to have a steady trial of the restaurant as they are looking to branch out to London. I repeat, from the guy himself: THEY ARE LOOKING TO BRANCH OUT TO LONDON. They also flew a select team of staff all the way from US just so they can flip us some authentic In-N-Out burgers :D

So down to the BURGERS. I ordered a Animal Style cheeseburger with crisps and a coke. I was very sad that they didn't have their amazing fries or shake on the menu. Brian explained that it would have been too much hassle to source the correct potatoes for the fries, especially as the place was only opened for 4 hours. Anyway, the prices were so good!

These happened, what beauties. First up, my colleague's Double Double Animal Style Burger. The next two are my Animal Style Cheese burger with my makeshift fries and drankkk.

Original receipt AND paper cups (with the same bible citations underneath!):

My goodie bad of merchandise:

I'm happy to have been able to experience the iconic burger brand in London! And, see with my own eyes a place like Hendon trending on Twitter. I must have looked liked the most stereotypical, over-excited Asian person ever. But, it was all worth it. I cannot wait for In-N-Out to have permanent residency in London. With fries and shakes in tow. And preferably not in Hendon.

I will leave you with another one of my amazing GIFs, prancing around in my new In-N-Out tee. I'm addicted, I am sorry.

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J.E.T. said...

I. cannot. believe. I. missed this.... I want to cry

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