Monday, 7 May 2012

Gelupo Soho - Rice Flavour Ice cream!

If you follow me on Instagram (@supernoodlerach) you may have noticed my stomach's love for food. Both savoury and sweet. I am not much of a cook - promise this will change, I want to be able to cook like the mother one day - but I do enjoy eating out whenever I can. And yes, I am that annoying person who always whips out my iPhone and takes photos of my food! I like to eat well and I like to eat cheap (relatively cheap, not chicken & chips £1.99 cheap) in London. Most of what I eat ends up on my Instagram, so I may as well post some of my favourites up on the blog. I want to get a whole bunch of you Londoners to taste the amazing-ness that I taste! Sharing is caring and all that jazz.

Now. Ice cream.

Last week we had, wait for it, ONE SUNNY DAY *fist pump*! One whole day without rain, which obviously called for ice cream. I love ice cream, not a massive chocolate flavour lover, but everything else is a yes! Steph and I visited gelateria Gelepo in Soho who offer a wide range of weird and unique flavoured ice creams and sorbets alongside their "house" flavours such as Fresh Mint Stracciatella, Coconut Sorbet, and Bitter Chocolate. Gelupo have been around for a couple years but like many small resturants and cafes in Soho, they often go amiss, tucked away in one of the small side streets. It is only through word-of-mouth that places like this gets discovered, which is exactly how I found the spot.

On the menu at the ice cream bar I saw rice flavour and had to get it. One of the weirdest flavours on the menu and it was delicious! It had a slightly milky taste with grains of fluffy rice mixed in for texture, surely added to mess with your head a're eating ice cream that taste like plain white rice...with actual rice. Not one to go for flavours that compliment each other, I also got pistachio, really rich and easily the best pistachio ice cream I have tasted. Not a conventional mix, but it tasted quite good together actually: a nutty and rice-y blend! Steph tried a real tropical, summery mix with her choice of Blood Orange Sorbet and Pineapple ice cream. The blood orange was AH-MAZING! A perfect sorbet flavour, working perfectly with the fresh, sweet pineapple.

I can't wait to come back here - once summer decides to surface in London - and try the other flavours of ice creams, sorbets and granitas! They also sell a range of deli foods, ice-cream filled cakes, melons, pineapples as well as small chocolate covered cones sprinkled with pistachios and cannolis (small Sicilian pastries stuffed with geleto). Coffee, juices and ice-cream hot chocolate (HOLLLAAA!) are also sold in this little geleto bar and deli.

The flavours vary day-to-day, keeping the geleto menu fresh and keeping the customers coming back, both eager to try new flavours and hoping to sample their favourite Gelupo geleto flavour once again. I personally want to try their Lychee, Salted Caramel, Earl Grey, Fresh Mint Stracciatella, Green Tea Lemon, Pine Nuts and Fennel seeds and Avocado and Honey flavours!

Obvs not all at the same time.

7 Archer Street

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I NEED Gelupo in my life!

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