Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Blues

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Holiday Blues

I have just come back from an amazing 3 week adventure/best-travelling-experience-of-a-lifetime/discovery-of-my-roots holiday in Thailand and Vietnam to....miserably grey London. This was the first time in my twenty-something years of life that I have been back "home". What a contrast to my life in London, but so amazing. I absolutely adore Vietnam. I prefer the south due to the weather and beaches but I do appreciate the everyday realness of the north that we experienced; the hustle of the locals, the honesty of the majority of them who clearly knew we were tourists but didn't try and overcharge us for things we bought! Being back in Vietnam made me realise my understanding of the language is actually on point lol, growing up we were taught and spoken to in Cantonese. We were never spoken to in Vietnamese nor did our parents push the language on us but I naturally picked it up, albeit only an understanding as I can't seem to speak the language. Ah I miss it!

To say I have holiday blues is an understatement. A lot of change has come about and I am a mix bag of emotions at the moment. Back to real life...



Another curve to the roller-coaster we call life I guess? There are too many questions floating around in my head and I didn't expect to feel like this after my holiday! I was supposed to feel refreshed! 

I fully blame the drizzly, hailing, wet weather.


On a lighter note, my appetite has disappeared. 

I just can't seem to stomach British food any more. I think this has something to do with the amount of delicious, fresh and low in fat foods we ate on our travels around Thailand and Vietnam, in particularly Vietnam! So much good food and for so cheap. For example we ordered shitloads of pork nems (above) and that hardly cost us £1 a head! Really makes you think about all the over-priced shit food we choose to pay for in the UK. You can eat so well in Vietnam for £1, and because the food is light (but filling ... if that makes sense?!) you don't feel so bad for eating four / five times a day. I didn't anyway. Desserts and ice-cream costs about 30p, you didn't even think twice about eating two or three desserts one after another! Excessive? Maybe a little, but how often would I find these desserts again in London? And for those prices!

The epicness pictured above is one of the many variations of Thailand's dessert speciality mango and sticky rice. One of these sundaes from a major dessert chain (Swensens) cost about £1! The OG mango and sticky rice - the most delicious, freshest version - you buy from old Thai women on their fruit stalls cost about 50p a portion. We actually ate this almost everyday! It was so so good. And guess how much you have to pay for it in London? Between £5 - £6 for a tiny portion. Ridiculous. And it tastes crap in comparison! I am talking about a particular dessert spot in Soho. Be ashamed at the shambles of mango and sticky rice you sell to your customers! If you are going to charge that much, please try and up your standards! I used to quite like this dessert spot, but this was before I tried the real deal. Never going back again!

Anyway. Back to reality. Hoping to get my appetite back. Hoping to get over my blues and get back to real life.

Just one more...

(Monkey Island, Vietnam)

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