Monday, 23 May 2011

Beyonce Run The World (Girls) Live at Billboard Millennium Awards 2011

Watch from 3.03 to see Beyonce's amazing performance! It is too sick, the play with graphics, the dancing, Beyonce proving once again no one out there has a thing on her. Nobody can do it like Beyonce!! I wasn't a fan of this song but this performance has made this song grow on me :D! Love the shot where it shows Rhianna's face (she's probably thinking it is impossible for her to EVER out-do or out dance Beyonce ahahahaaa). The ending with Beyonce's speech was the cutest thing ever, "I Love me some Jay-Z"! TOO CUTE, his face and that nod clearly read "Yeah Yeah, that's right, I know this" bahahahhaahh! Beyonce <3

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