Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nike "Human Chain: How Quick Are You Going To Get Up?"

Forgive me if I'm a bit late with this, I know this was released to coincide with the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 on the 12th February, but greatness needs to be shared and shared again. I absolutely love love love this commercial. Nike does it again; never failing with their advertisements. I recently saw a short video which summed up 2009 for Nike Sportswear at a training session which was pretty awesome, I need to find the video! I was also really impressed with Nike's commercial for the (fairly) new "True City" app for the almighty iPhone, and now this. Featuring a bunch of Nike ambassadors - sponsored athletes - from Lance Armstrong, Deron Williams to Maria Sharapova and a cute little 6 year old Chinese girl (yes, I am biased and what?) doing martial arts, they all connect in a chain of motion through what they do best: be it basketball, tennis, cycling or BMX-ing. From the sweet Chinese kid fly kicking and back flipping with a STICK (gwan there girl!) to Mike Skinner on his BMX riding, jumping then shots of his BMX spin's switching towards shots of a Rodeo spinning around on his bull. Smooth-ass transitions right there. The beginning of the video is epic, absolutly captivating for the opening scene. And the song; such a good choice. "Its not how you start, it's how you finish." - what a great message.

I now have this song on repeat, The Hours: Ali in The Jungle:

It actually stopped me listening to this Chicana Rap music (which I discovered on The Boobs) by Sleepy Loka! What a difference in types of music, so random. I was beginning to feel a bit too gangster for my own good, jeez:

Andddd I'm thinking to use "Next Level" as part of my everyday vocabulary because of the cool cats that be Die Antwoord in Zef Side "He owns a computer and he makes some next level beats" AHAHHA :

1.58 seconds...YESSSSS, the slowdown is so sick...

I think I spend too much time on Youtube. Yes, that's right I even linked Youtube, just in case.

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