Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Body To Lie For

I know everyone and their dog knows about the horror that is photoshopping in magazines nowadays, but I've never given it much thought beyond 'yeah, duh, of course they don't really look like that'. And to be honest if I was going to be in a magazine, I would be grateful for some photoshopping 'help'... thinner arms... more even skintone... smaller cheeks...

HOWEVER today I was browsing the Huffington Post (which, if I can take a moment to plug it, I really love) and I saw a story on Kourtney Kardashian (whom I am normally oblivious to, never having watching her show) relating to her 'post baby body'.

I really hate these stories, by the way. They are the most irrelevent piles of crap, just making people feel insecure. Because without a trainer to wake you up at 4am and crates of wheatgerm smoothies delivered to your door, there is no way you are going to lose 2 stone in a month. None.

Anyway. I deviate. The image on the front of the magazine is on the right, and on the left is the original, before they let the picture department loose on it:

They have literally just erased her stomach! I am so appalled. How magazines can try and sell themselves with completely fabricated stories, I don't understand. So not only is this story advertising an already highly unhealthy view of weight loss, the example they are using hasn't even happened! They may as well have Beyonce on the cover, telling everybody about how happy she is since she learnt to fly.

And not only did they remove her baby weight and then try to pass it off as the result of a diet, they changed the colour of her top... and her head. HER HEAD?! What the hell was wrong with her head??



Shannon | Kid From The West said...

hahahah, I cannot agree with you moree

Martha said...

lmao that is actually outrageous!

Coco Pine Sweet said...

Oh my gosh, her head??? So puzzling, I mean for one its an American magazine right, they're crazy (with the photoshop I mean) but the colour of her top and her head?? geeezzz

LF said...

That's so wrong, and what's really creapy is that they've even "altered" the kid

Nat said...

Kourtney actually recently spoke out and complained about this too. Even making the comment that she put on almost double the ammount of weight that the mag said she did. I got a little respect for her doing that and being honest.

Anonymous said...

To be fair 99.9 of the fashion magazines and pictures you posted on your site are photoshopped. It's called advertisment.

You can expect an average jane to be on a magazine without modifcations. We all want to look beautiful. lol.

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