Friday, 25 December 2009

The Smell of Crackers

There is nothing more than the smell of pulled crackers to remind me of Christmas. Not even the thoughts of Santa, the look of flashing bright lights, the sound of repeated Christmas songs, or the taste of Christmas food, will beat the smell of Christmas Crackers. How I love that smell. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas day full of joy, good food and a stuffed tummy :-). Lets party come News Years Eve.

Here is my sidekick - the other half of Leopard Print and Lace, my Golden standard friend...and err the love of my life ;-) - Stephie, and I at The Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park.

santa baby

Rub for luck

churros 2


Hot Choc Churros :-)

fany the horse

We rode Fanny the Horse haha!

carousel 2

carousel 1



...and swung on the swings, Tights Vs. Leggings...Dr Martens Vs. Kurt Geiger.

Merry Christmas Lovers, Bitches and Pimps!


sandraaa_xo said...

merry christmas guys!

Shards/cocopine said...

biiiitch u had some churros!!!! KMT
ure both so freaking cute! I love love the pic on u on the caraselle!!
Flake loves the wives for life! xx

lalaliybean said...

such cute december outfits! these pics look like they could be in a spread about winter outings or something.

Mista Jaycee said...

Merry Christmas and your photos are so cute!

Winnie said...

Looks like you both had an awesome time. Hope you had a fab xmas and an awesome new year!!

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