Thursday, 23 April 2009

Pow! Success! Pow!

Well, success is not for sure yet, I won't get my results until July 2009...but YAY!...these are two completed university modules in my hands...god, I need a tan....shheeetttt

I actually completed the devil-spawn essay I spoke of in my previous post...and now I feel like I have completed university. I haven't really, I still have another week for the last, most important, deadline. The last university deadline of MY LIFE! The shackles are soon to be more horrible essays!! Yes! ...and no, don't worry, I'm not considering to do a Masters Degree...thanks, but no thanks ^_^.

This is genuine happiness, as you may have noticed - through twitter and my lack of posts - that I have been somewhat moany and depressed over my looming deadlines. I had to take pictures of the pink receipts of confirmed completion of work, which I do every year:

Im wearing the fair trade Topshop tote that was given free during the prelude to the New York Topshop opening, all in the name of promotion eh! How did I get it? The super duper sweet Yvonne of Emy Augutus sent it to me all the way from NY baby! Sweet huh? ^_^, the packaging was so deserves its own post (next one ;-)!) Thanks girly!

This is me in June 2008 - 4 pink receipts = 4 completed modules (I haven't changed much, have I?):

Me and Kara were thinking we (university lot) should all get this tee from Uni-Qlo for £9.99 and wear it on the last hand in date, where we will have a party by the river no doubt. Party poppers and Party hats included.

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Oh...I'm so ready for June 1st to come: I will be a Nylon Cool Girl


Van. said...

Congrads!!!! & i like thee title haha

Jen said...

Oh congratulations on handing it all in! Hope the next goes well. And yeah you should totally get that tee :) awesome x

Anonymous said...

WOOOHOOO! I'm so proud, shedding a tear as I type this.. Not really but you get the idea.

You have the sickest style my love.

Catch you on the TWIT-AH!


stephyy said...

AWE congrats girly!!!!!!! love your outfits again always lookin fly ;) haha what is it that you are majoring in?

LIKLE P said...


and modules GOOD TIMES


Emy Augustus said...

so interesting to see all the differences between here and england! we don't get pink slips, for one!

sandraaa_xo said...

haha well doneee :)

Jazzle Dazzle said...

wow dude congrats... you must be in the most eternal heaven-esque feeling right now lol. those kicks are fire x

rio tapatio said...

Haha shietttttttt mamita,,
you done went and did it.! Congrats big go party this weekend...even if you still have a week deserve it.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...


I can't wait for the same thing! lol

Coco Pine said...

Ah! bub so happy for you, let the fun begin!!! I love theuni qlo shirt,u guys should do it!! all 'pink ladies' styleee! xxx

alter muffin said...

Congrats! So happy for you!...:)

Frock Around the Clock said...

Yaay! Thats good :) I've got until May 14th and then I am FREEEEE! I'm too excited. Love the trainers too - such happy colours! Maybe I need some.. I didn't see the parrot earrings - the sales assistant told me about them but I don't have my ears pierced so they would be no good to me I'm afraid! :) x

Adela said...

i love your earrings!

Winnie said...

Woo hoo on the last essay! Such a great feeling right?

Looking suitably stylish too! Also, I am just as excited about hearing about your Hello Kitty shopping. So damn expensive though! My sister wanted a Hello Kitty bag and it was £38. No thanks!

Martha said...

i just saw that video and was thinking i love those blue ones! June 1st is great- it means i can save up :)
Congratulations on meeting your deadlines :)

Kandace said...

Wow that has to be exciting. I've got a semester left after this one. I'm so jealous I don't want more essays either. And btw cool that you won that top shop tote. Your outfit is really awesome too. I really like the belt and how you added a pop of pink.

KB said...

Well done on the essays, I think I'll be buying that tee come May as well. Love the dress you're wearing!

Coco Pine said...

oh and don't worry about ur lack of going portugal biatch!!! lol

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