Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Inspired By My Super Mario Yellow Star DS Pen

The left side of my cheek is now swollen. The left side of my head hurts. My brain hurts. The left side of my teeth hurts. FALLING OVER IS NOT THE ONE!!!!! Yes. I JUST slipped on my stairs and hit the whole left side of my face on the solid wood door frame. SMACK BANG is how it went down - no lie! I would have lost some teeth if I was the type of person who walks around with their mouth open! My knees are also grazed and my tights are ruined - another pair added to the pile. This time the fall is not even funny because it HURTS!!! I usually laugh at myself/others when I/they fall because falling/tripping/slipping is funny right?? In this case, no. I did not laugh, I cried. It bloody hurt like a mutherchucking bitch, and still does. My face also smells of egg now too. My mother insisted on me holding a boiled egg to my face to help with the swelling, and it works...I think this is a Asian thing...or maybe something my mum just made up! Remember that tip people: Boiled egg (in a towel) helps swelling!! It really is not the time for me to have a hurt brain and sore face, too much uni work to do right about now. I hope I have not lost any brain cells....From now on no more running up the stairs! Walk with grace to have a pretty face my dears. I just remembered I feel backwards on the stairs of the bus today as well...THE JOY OF BEING ME.

Back to the real post: My nails! My 14 year sister is a star when it comes to doing my nails! They always look perfect, and dry super quick. Not like when I do it haha! The colours are inspired by my Mario star Nintendo DS pen! Baby Pink and Yellow = hotness:

I love it, hotness! Much better than my nails before. The leopard print is white/gold/black and I think it looks good now. I was not so keen when my sister told me the colourway, but she threatened to not do them at all if I did not listen.

Got an award from sweetnesses Jazzle Dazzle of The Dark Hue and Kandace of Fashion Is My Girlfriend! Thanks girls!

So the rules are:

1)Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it. DONE
2)Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award. DONE
3)Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging. DONE
4)Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like. DONE
5)Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post. DONE

Why I Love Blogging: I love blogging because it is good, honest fun. I can babble away about what I wear, who I am, what I like, what I don't, whinge/moan/groan, fashion, sneakers, doorknocker etc with the people who share my interests. You guys listen (or rather read) which is much appreciated! I can read what people think about the content on LP&L through the comments, which is quite frankly the most fun. I can virtually connect to people of the same interests and vice-versa. I have also made some virtual friends through LP&L (and got to meet one: ahem Emma of All In your Innerspace) and hopefully meet more in my travelling quests. I can express myself clearly through this blog, which is something I find difficult through spoken word! There you go guys!

So now I tag:

1. Daniel of D Era of D (MY BOYFRIEND! He copied me and got a blog ^_^ check it out and comment/follow!! He is new, make him feel wanted y'all! And excuse his language,but check out his dog!! He is a bit of a super geek and yes he looks like the Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons (!!!heheheheh!!!))
2. Kara of Hood and Proper
3. Yinka of Lazy & Confused
4. The Lipstick Diaries Chicks
5. Rinnie of The Sweet and Colourful Life
6. Rachy of Just Rachy
7. Noshabelle of Walk on The Wild Side
8. Rubot of Oh me!! Oh My!!
9. Rio Tapatio of Modern Fuerza
10. Stephy of Stephy Sunshine
11. D. of The Diary of a Broke College Student

To all the peeps I didn't tag, sorry dudes! I have a couple more tags that I am going to pace myself for! I will use them in up coming posts!!

I am making up for lost time: long post!

The long anticipated Topshop opening in New York!!! In 12 hours (UK GMT time :-D) the store finally opens its glamous doors, after being postponed since last autumn due to a fire, a flood and planning permission problems etc. What a hassle! I have actually seen the 'Opening Soon' sign outside the NY store twice now, it will finally be open the next time I am in NY. Mr. Topshop (Sir Philip Green) himself has forked out a measly $20 million - $25 million (?!?) to build the best store they have ever built. Are you excited?! I know Topshop is not to everyone's taste, or rather everyone's wallets/purse. There is no doubt that their goods are a tad pricey, even with the weak British Pound. And they literally double the price to $$$ on their website, so a pair of leggings in Topshop London is averagely priced at £ New York they will be $36...URM WHAT?!?! They might change these type of pricings though - there is hoping ^_^! Topshop has established themselves in NY - with the help of a few popular bloggers - as a cult Great British brand: which is why all you guys love it so much isn't it?? These bloggers have obviously got a big thank-you through gifts from the latest Topshop S/S 09 collection. This will only further enthuse more hype and frenzy through their blogs and their masses of readers; much to Sir PG's delight and pockets. What would Topshop do without those few bloggers eh?! How long will this hype last though? Will the New Yorker's get bored of Topshop after a while? Will you no longer want to own a Topshop item because it has lost the novelty of being shipped from the Queen's Land of England? Only time will tell!

It might do alright in NY, H&M and other high street store have, so what's stopping TS from trying? Truth be told, I don't really see TS as high street, it's more of the higher end High Street. I hardly shop there myself because forking out 24 quid on a tee (no matter how hot) is not really doing it for my student ass. They have turned themselves around in the last couple of year, I remember hating TS with a passion because of their crappy clothes and the even crappier prices. But they have introduced new themes like "Miami", "Summer Pirate" and a sport one last season (forget the actual name) which are all to my tastes, hence why I despise them less. And their sales really are the best! I'm talking major percentages off, and then Buy 1 Get 1 Free! I remember buying two pairs of pumps (one with a Pucci inspired print!) for £7...good times! If you go early on in the sales, you are will definitely find some good bits. Their 10% student discount also help a little - you can even get 10% of sale items ;-)

I will leave this Topshop NY discussion with my favourite picture of Sir Philip Green. I LOVE IT!!! He looks cute and like he is selling a dress from the market hahahah! Can't you just imagine Sir PG saying "Ahhh, my favvvooorrittee PECE. Youuu Liiikkkkeeee??? Brinngs out ze spakleee in ze eyes no? Make you look like Supermodel, Promiseee! Make you preeeettyy lady, I tell you no lie - swear on my mama grave. I give you gut priceee, no worry!! 15 dollaaarrrssss, the best price promiseee...only you get such gut price! I usually sell for 35 dolllaarrssss but I like you you get gut price!!"

On to M.I.S.S.! My latest piece, Jeremy Scott's SS09 collection is now available on FRUTION! Check out my post for the full story, "FRUITION says Hello to Jeremy Scott's "Let Them Eat Gas""!

My fellow M.I.S.S. crew-ian, D of The Diary of a Broke College Student aka the biggest multi-tasker out there, started of her Girl Crush column with me! I couldn't believe she wrote such sweet words about me ^_^! Read her blog here and read my post here!

That about it for today folks! I won't be posting/reading other blogs as much now because this is a crucial time for assignments :-( ! Stay with us though, I doubt I can stay away for that long :-D !!


stephyy said...

Awe Thank you luff :D! Much appreciative!!<3 You should come to South Florida for your next travel plans lol or we should meet up in NYC when you go again!

btw sick nails! (as always lol)

Frock Around the Clock said...

Hahaha I can totally imagine Sir PG on a market stall! Amazing! Hope you recover quickly from your fall and I'll bear the boiled egg trick in mind (it's completely bizzare and I've never come across it before but I know my nan is sure to love it). Get cracking with those assignments missy! :) x

Emy Augustus said...

lol ur so funny. did i tell u about the time my sister 'accidentally' pushed me down the basement stairs?

and darn i was hoping TS wouldn't be one of those ultra expensive stores like anthro, AA, and UO. poop.

Emy Augustus said...

i just did check their site cuz my sister was telling me to go so that tomorrow she can know what to get. so far, i LOVE this -

and all their tights and 'fashion leggings' are so amazing. ohhhh man i want them ALL.

i want to read more of hurakami. I've only read 'south of the border, west of the sun' and a few of his short stories. i had a guy friend (who was white) who LOVED him.

and also, yeah the staircase thing - my sister covered my head with a blanket and was spinning me around, and then she was guiding me where to walk. She guided me right to the top of the stairs and didn't realize that I wouldn't know to STEP. lol. i took one step and tumbled all the way down. it was so damn scary. when i finally got to the bottom i was laughing and crying at the same time. luckily, those stairs were covered with shag carpeting. !!! haha

rio tapatio said...

Awhhhh,, you tagged me.!
Thanks mamas.!

I have read your posts on MISS, you're doing a great job, keep it up.

Your blog is one of my faves :)

Anonymous said...

ha im not even gonna try going into topshop any time soon its gonna be nuts in there
and i hope your face feels better :(

Anonymous said...

thanx for the tag hun!!!!

Kandace said...

Good luck on all your assignments. I totally feel your pain. Btw I'm going to London this summer to meet up with a friend. Maybe we could meet up as well? Then you will have met 2 blogging buddies in person. Anyway I'd love to see how you rock sneaks, maybe you could teach me a thing or two :)

LANA said...

I really love your nails, your 14 year old sister really did those? (A)

rissapeace, said...

shhhhhhhh!!! i make the jewels lol it's a SNEAK PEEK! lol it's a cupcake rosary! $20 +5 for shipping (; photos sooon mama!

Kay said...

Ahh noo! I hope you face feels better soon ):
Very handy boiled egg tip as well.
Your sister is amazing, the leopard print nail is so good!
I like Topshop but I don't know what all the fuss is about tbh, I think once they have one in America people won't be quite so crazy obsessed with it, it is v v overpriced.
I tagged you to do a questions thing by the way

Rebecca said...

the nails AMAZING!!! xxxxx

Winnie said...

I would love to see Philip Green flogging his wares on a local market.

TS isn't the cheapest anyway so the price doubling over in the US is a little scary. Though I don't see their prices really going down because UO prices here are double the price in the states!

My TS was giving away tee's today in anticipation of the NYC store.

selinaoolala said...

ooohh i soooo hope philip green sounds like that hahahahha!! those lucky americans, topshop will actually have world domination, pity the prices are way too high, especially the shoes nowadays

Annie said...

YOUR NAILS LOOK AMAZING. i wish i could do that.

D. said...

YES! 2 mentions in 1 post! goooo meeeee! ur the best rachel tran, just for the fact that you think i'm a multi tasker lol MUAH!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

What an awesome blog you have!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog!

Your nails are 2die4!!!

Stay Beauty and have a sunny weekend!!!


Jazzle Dazzle said...

It sucks how Australia is so damn behind with Topshop, seriously.
You always have good posts darl! A true talented, creative blogger. Gave you an award too btw :)

rachy said...

rach you have recieved a blog award

Noshabelle said...

LOVE your nails!!

And aww, you tagged me! Thanks sweety! :)
Good luck with all of your assignments! xx

Kay said...

Sorry for the double comment but YES! What is going on there? A lot of other profiles I've been on have stuck at one number as well... somethings amiss

Anonymous said...

i tagged u huni!!!

Anonymous said...

yay go rachy!and the nails are smokin!
plus i NEEED that chanel segway from the post below..i love the bike they did they did fishing rods as welll!

DaisyChain said...

I am so jealous of your nails.

yiqin; said...


Frock Around the Clock said...

I gave you an award! :) No doubt you've had it before but it is yours all the same! :) x

Frock Around the Clock said...

OH AND the frames were £195 and lenses on top of that. I just go to a tiny independent opticians but I did have a look in Conlons the other day - presume thats a nationwide chain and not just for us northeners? Anyway don't buy them from there, try and find somewhere small like mine because there was a grey pair which were really nice but didn't suit me which had pearls on the side - Conlons wanted £333 and the place I went to only £245 so beware! :) x

KB said...

Hope all the work is going well, I totally think you should put yourself forward for this:

Mo said...

i really wish there was a TopShop in Atlanta. it'd be my hangout

♥KiMMiE said...

YUP..YOU are going to go far with that swagger of yours.=]

Ellie said...

Amazing Nails!

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