Monday, 2 March 2009

Mum's eh?

My delightful, and urm energetic, Mother made me get a REFUND on this BAR OF GALAXY CHOCOLATE because they overcharged her by 90p (it was supposed to be on special offer for "90p" but it went through as full price....)

Photo from here

As the good daughter that I am, I put aside the shame and demanded the refund for my mother's sake. I even considered just giving her the £1.80, just to save face.

Today, my mother asked me to try and find her this foundation:

Photo from here
DIOR?!?! Coming from the women who wanted her money back on a chocolate bar?!?!? BELIEVE IT! She used a sample that came with the recent Look magazine and told me, "I am willing to pay £40 for it." Haha, she does make me laugh - Luckily for her it is only £26.50, so she can put that refunded £1.80 towards it....


Yvonne said...

haha yes mom's and their irrationality ... sometimes funny ( in this case) and sometimes infuriating....

Kay said...

what chocolate is that.... is it a european thing? lol
& i`ll jus stick with my MAC foundations lol but 40 for dior aint bad...

&& yeah i`m happy as hell about my opportunities ;]

FashionSqueah! said...

Mum's are so strange! My mum's probably do the exact same with the chocolate but not before "speaking to the manager"! Char x

kandace said...

I heard that Dior foundation is amazing as well. However I just tried Makeup Forever HD foundation and I'm addicted. It's amazing but costs the same as Dior.

G⊕Ld'N RE$↓L↑ENCE Clothing™ said...

I'm mad 4 u, that she made return it
It was only 90p
But das a lotta money!!!
{just playin}
Dats y i'm movin back 2 NY
as soon as I get a chance

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