Thursday, 26 March 2009

London Town, Are You Ready To Rinse It Down?

The title of this post is dedicated to Camden Town's very own Man Like Me for bringing the vibes of the 90s, summer and London to my ears so early on in the season...I thank you! And yeah, you are pretty darn cute, which helps:

Today, I was the Floral Leopard donning a pair of Jordan 1s in nylon purple...*Flashy Flashy* (can't believe I was going to return these bad boys, thanks to a few that KNOWS the goods who persuaded me not too! By far the most complimented/admired pair)

I went shopping. I should have been dissertating (doing my dissertation) really, or other assignments at least. But to be honest, I find it hard to go to University and then go back home and study. I'd rather stay home, do a few (a GOOD few) hours of web browsing, then get crack-a-lacking with work! I got some good bits on my trip though, I am sure they will be featured on here soon!

A while back Tee at Trash Bag Aesthetics ran a competition to win some super, super cute Mimobot 'designer USB flash drives'! THEY HAD TOKIDOKI ONES!!! I LOVE tokidoki, love love love and have a few character plushes and many, many toys. Of course, this was needed in my collection! The USB sticks were too cute, and plus I don't actually own one! I have never owned a USB stick in my life, and I was kind of of counting on the free YSL Manifesto 09 broken heart one which I spoke of here, but alas, my luck was not in - as per usual. I was adamant my 1st USB stick must be the coolest, so this comp was kind of my calling right? Wrong. I entered and I did not win - you know being unlucky and all. I made sure my sister (the anonymous 50p Blazer girl) entered when I did, and guess what. SHE WON! The lucky slag. She always wins the competitions we enter, hence why she is the lucky one. I have always been the bitter child watching her YOUNGER sister eagerly opening the packaging of won goodies, and now 10 odd years on I am the same bitter child! The first thing she won was a goodie bag from the Bubblegum Club which we both loved as youngsters- I got ZILCH. Then she won a yellow talking watch with a digital smiley face from 90's Live & Kicking magazine (WHO REMEMBERS?!)- I won ZILCH. And now this. But now she has learnt the art of sharing (SHE DID GET THREE!!!) and she has given me one! SO FRIGGING CUTE!!! I actually remember telling her "IF you win, you better give me one"...and weirdly she has. She gave me the Italian-stallion Kid Robot Pastaio (the middle one!), Oh and they also threw in 3 free USB hoodies ^_^ so cute! On behave of my sister thank you Mimoco and Tee of Trash Bag Aesthetics!

Read my latest piece for M.I.S.S guys! This is by far the lengthiest post I have done for the ladies at M.I.S.S so I am quite happy! Read the full story "Stampd' LA Makes its Mark in '09" here!

The Don't Trip Yet Ladies showed me some blogging love by featuring me in a Nail's Did post! Thanks saucy mami's ^_^! Be sure to check the DTY ladies here and my feature post is here!

And lastly, these boys are beyond words! I may be a tad late but whatever, refresh you memory! They are soo adorable especially the kid with the colourful beanie! Just watch them Get Lite (and feel the pain of sore knees!):


stephyy said...

I love your shoes girl!!! goshhh!!! lol ok so the hello kitty shirt I saw it online of a store I shop at here in Miami, is called Metropark. :)

EternalJade said...

Wow. Your sense of style is cool and unique. Btw, are you wearing skate shoes?

rio tapatio said...

haha girllllll, your shoes are FIRE. that purple kills it.!

I'm glad you got a dope lil usb thingy, i need one of those.

I'll be checkin out your M.I.S.S piece.!

sandraaa_xo said...

love the outfit!
everything just works with each other :)

Anonymous said...

haha i saw those guys 'man like me' at cargo a couple of years ago when they opened up for skepta.... there too much jokes lol!! and he is cute :P

and i love the jordans!xx

Kandace said...

I love those slick purple shoes. As for you and bad luck, I just tagged your blog for a few awards as you know that I adore your blog and the way you rock kicks unlike anyone I've ever seen. Which I guess means that you just might have some good luck after all. Anyway check it out.

Anonymous said...

ah always fresh, love the floral top

Anonymous said...

i was gonna get the top your wearing from primark!
and amaze usbs i really want one now but i lose mine too easily..and your sister is the lucky girl of the moment...x

LANA said...

OMG those usb sticks are cuteee, I would take them to school every day, even when I don't need to use them hehe!

And those kids are damn good, making their own acapella music!!

Oh and you rock the leopard skirt and the Jordan 1's.

Lisanne said...

i gave you an award! check it out :)

Vintage Tea said...

I Love your outfit. The clash of patterns rock

Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


Charmaine said...

the first thing that comes to mind when i see those jordan's... BAAAAALLLLIN'. hahaha :)

Emy Augustus said...

those usb things are awesome. yay for siblings who get us good stuff eh? ;D
see that is what's so great of having a sister (or bro) ... u double ur chances in contests like that.

and yeshhh i will post about how much is on it. I am dreadfully fearing that it'll be like 10 dollars while everything in the store is 50 except maybe a pair of socks. lol.

Noshabelle said...

I love those shoes, girl! And your style is totally awesome and so unique!

Noshabelle said...

By the way.. I have tagged you. Check out my blog! x

Sam said...

Such a cool outfit!

-D- said...

Stinky looking fly as usual and super hot in top photo u go girl!!

Winnie said...

I'm so glad you didn't return yout purple shoes, they are awesome. Love that outfit too, it's super fun!

Those USB sticks are so much fun! It would make backing up uni work so much more fun too!

Mo said...

Your shoes rock!

My best friend loves Tokidoki, so i see your enthusiasm. Congrats on your USB

Bombchell said...

Looking hot!!1

jaja said...

the outfit is hott!!!

♥KiMMiE said...

i love love how ur pictures were taken.. looks real creative.

LIKLE P said...

I am so gonna do a remix of that London Town choon

LIKLE P said...

NOOOOO them kids dancin are whats in.
I'm off to practice in mi bedroom N O W!

Van. said...

Those purp shoes are mad doooooope! & purples my fav color =)

Moss. said...

Ive been searching for this track everywhere!

Great post aswell :)


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