Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I wish I lived in Never Never Land

I haven't posted anything for ages. In fact, this blog should probably just be called 'Leopard Print' cause most of the time the lace part is AWOL. But I have been trying to do a dissertation. Which is scaring the bejesus out of me, as Chandler-from-Friends would say. Coupled with this is the fact that after three years, I now have to leave uni...and...grow up! This is like...the start of my life! I have to find a job! And let me tell you, journalism right now is so not the best place to be looking for a first job. I wish I lived in Never Never Land. No one ever grows up there. All you have to worry about are one handed pirates and crocodile/alarm clock hybrids.
But anyway. I don't live in Never Never Land and I'm not Peter Pan. Although I have got a plan. Londoners and tourists will know that Covent Garden is rife with street performers. So I've decided if I can't find a job, I'm going to do that. My act will invlove me juggling saws. In a bikini. I just think that I'd get more money with the bikini added to the equation, don't you agree? There is a man who does this already, but I'm hoping he won't mind me stealing his idea. He doesn't wear a bikini he wears pink pants. Actually I can't juggle. Maybe I'll get him to teach me.

And apart from all my work experiance, I've never actually had a real job. Unless you count the time I worked in telesales, and after an hour of hellish phone calls, I dramatically quit, with the help of a lie about not getting into uni and the art of crying on cue. For some reason not many people do count this as a job.Aside from my job panic, today I went to a Lulu Guiness press day. Unfortunatly no photos from the trip, but I can tell you that there was a lot of floral (of course), victoriana style frills and portrait prints. Also if you are after a piller-box red plastic clutch in the shape of lips (above), a bag disguised as a vase and flowers, or, my personal favourate, a bird cage shaped bag, complete with printed humingbirds (it's SO cool) look our for her A/W collection, avaliable sometime this summer!

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Emy Augustus said...

yeah a dissertation sounds quite ... daunting. here in the US only like people getting there M.A.s or PhDs have to write one.

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