Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Forgotten Skirt and The 50p Dress

Excuse my pasty legs, as they have not seen sunlight since last June in NY.

So the vintage cut off Levi skirt, the skirt which I have no recollection of buying, or even seeing in my life! But alas, as I was doing a spot of tidying, it was hidden right at the bottom of my draws. Teeny bit short, but leggings will do the trick! And my 50p 90s grunge floral dress. I hate that it reminds me of a part of the 90s era, which in my opinion, was fashion at its worst. I hate that I was drawn to its dusky, grungy floral print style. I hate that it will work so well with a pair of Dr Martens in the summer. I hate that I don't own a pair of DMs to top this look off. I hate that I love this dress so much!! The reason I really hate on this dress is because I hate the fashion era it comes from, and the fact that I now own a dress from it. Hypocrite?! I am thinking of wearing this dress in a "Ghetto Fab Grunge" style that was aptly coined by Liz from M.I.S.S. ! Of course, this ghetto fab grunge look was done perfectly by Miss Liz so I will have to just try and do a filtered version of this look...which means: minus the vintage Eastpak (HOT!), minus the golden delicious family jewels and - gulp - HOT HOT HOT Chanel necklace that she rocks *envy eyes*. Hit me back to see the results!

I am quite pissed that Photobucket has taken away my photos on the blog and replaced them with their nonsense logo, like I get it already, you don't need to keep telling me I have exceeded the bandwidth limit, geez. And no Photobucket, I will not upgrade to pro. Does any of you guys use a FREE image hosting site for your blog? If so, recommend me some in the comments box!

PS. For the procrastinators of this world check this FUNNY "Fuck My Life!" website out!! In the words of Stephy: "Goodbye Degree..."

Love this song! Ms. Dynamite is BACK! About time ^_^:


lizz :) said...

That dress is gorgeouss!
Where did you get it from? :)

+ thats so weird, in the post i just did, i wrote about wanting doc martens! They're amazing, -sigh ^^


Emy Augustus said...

I love that dress! and it seems quite diff from ur usual style.
what i do with pics is - i only use photobucket to edit, but i save it on the computer in a folder called 'blogger'.

KB said...

I use flickr, dunno if that helps you. I think you get 100MB a month.
I'm working on getting some Docs, all will be revealed soon hopefully. I'm starting to like the 90s, am on the hunt for a denim shirt (though double denim is a step too far for me).
I see you got Feedjit, you enjoying it? It's so interesting, someone from Germany looks at my blog every day!

Rachie-Pie said...

Emy: oh trust me, i will work it to my style lol! as soon as I add the gold and the kicks i am good to go!

KB: feedjit is quite scary...but its interesting! I think im gna use flickr now!

Anonymous said...

wow..its so cute:)
yes very much so doc martins..
i can SO see it with grey ribbed wooly over the knee socks and brown brogues..tousled hair and wayfarers:)
ahh..summer..i miss you

Kay said...

I love this dress! And only 50p? That is such a bargain, you are a genius in that area. Like it with the belt as well (:

I know, I swear they make it up that people actually go there as I don't see how anyone gets in. I found the first Oxbridge LESSON hard, the interview is going to kill me, if I even get that far. Ah well

Jen said...

I have a bizarre soft spot for the 90s. Weird. The dress is lovely and for 50p - AMAZING.

Winnie said...

Ahh Chanel jewellery! So beautiful.

Love that dress...I definitely prefer things that are more 80s than 90s! Can't believe it was such a bargain though!

yiqin; said...

I love that dress! Fantastic print!

C a t r i n a said...

At least you look amazing :)
Love these outfits!

Missie Rich said...

When you come to NYC hit me up!!!!

Noshabelle said...

Cute outfits - love it!!
And it would be an awesome twist if Chuck and Nate turned out to be gay! Haha! Thank would be FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

heyy gurl hey, look at you! that dress is so cute!

kandace said...

I always find clothes I forgot I ever had. And that's when I know I need to stop shopping. But now, after reading your post, I feel the need to invest in a pair of vegan (or vintage maybe) Dr Martens. So I guess my shopping habits aren't changing anytime soon. And for the song...I'm rocking out as I write this.

A the Great said...

As alway your outfits are all ways on point!! and yes that Miss dynamite song goes hard!! Glad to see she's back!

Rita said...

Such a pretty dress, I love it!

Anonymous said...

I use Flickr as well, wayyyyy better than photobucket! Your wardrobe is immense!

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