Monday, 2 February 2009

Where the Pearly White Snow Lays Untouched

And the day London stood still apparently. Its only bloody SNOW! Geez...London is acting as if the world is coming to an end, and the snow has just started. And it is only -1 degrees Celsius. Yes it is cold, but shops are not open, SCHOOLS are not open, Universities are not open and London Transport has come to a halt; with most tubes and buses not in service. And we are advised to not leave our homes; people are fearing for there lives cooped up inside. Like I said, it is only -1 degrees Celsius. Hardly the Apocalypse now is it? In Moscow it is -20!!!! All this moral panic being created by the media once again: the News is asking if we should prepare like Moscow has: metal studded tires on cars for safe snow travelling, snow scrapper in every car, anti-freeze liquid all year round? Please don't make me laugh out loud whilst making snow angels in my front garden, snow only happens once a year remember.

£1 is all that was needed

I was supposed to go shopping today to exchange goods/buy a present for my mum, but obviously due to the weather and my dad's rather old car, it would not have happened. Unless I was willing to help push the car down a motorway, which is a NO: hot kicks are not meant to be used for pushing cars thank you, especially with the slushy, muddy 'snow'. I got up, GOT DRESS AND MADE UP for nothing, so I thought I better not waste an opportunity to show you my £1 eBay Jumper. I love it and it is such good quality (its St.Michael's brand, more commonly known as Mark and Spencer nowadays)!

Footwear choice of the day: Thick Hello Kitty Slipper socks (without the rubber grips).

Please take a look at these (sorry to the owner, only picture I could find):

REEBOK FREESTYLES THEY ARE NOT!!!!! WTF right! These are shamefully sold by PRIMARK, and bought by the (maybe) unaware.

I thought we had a good shopship Primark? And now you go and do this! What in the hell possessed you to take the bloody piss out of me. I saw these a couple of weeks back and never had a camera to capture the wall of these fakes. I know many, many high street brands 'take inspiration' from bigger brands/designers, but there is something just slightly off when stores copy trainers/kicks. Maybe because most shops have the sense not to do it? (Take note PRIMARK). Hence, why it is so rarely seen and hard to take in when it does happen?

Now the reason why it takes the peepee out of me personally, is that not only am I a big Reebok Freestyle fan, I actually own a similar pair - a patent pair which are meant to be RARE:

THESE ARE THE REAL-DEAL!! and they have the cool name of 'Blue Face'. Now people are going to see them and think they are the Primark ones!! I doubt that Primark designers would have seen these in NY, but maybe just coincidental made a patent coloured pair in the shape of the freestyle. Which is so annoying. I got these in New York last year and they were exclusively made for the Michael K trainer stores. No where in the UK would have sold them and only a handful of Londoners would have even seen them if they were in NY at the same time.

They were unique and special. Now they are flooding the streets as a Primark clone.

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...My nylon leggings keeps getting caught on crap and pulling away/bubbling up, I am quite angry and now need to buy another pair. What a SHAM! My 2009 diary is dying after only 33days...SHAM again! It has had 2 drinks spilled on it already, but I will not let go...I quite like my battered looking diaries.


Joezehh said...

that jumper's gorgeous,
haha and i love all the bags in the background :)

i am equally annoyed about primark's rubbish fakes, although i did give into temptation and bought some rather cruddy grey canvas hi-tops from there for about £6 a while back. but that was 'cos i couldn't afford £30 for a black pair.

happy snow day :)
x x x x

danDan said...

love the jumper...wish i didn't murder my digi cam to show you the untouched snow in our area... and i too will now go an find clothes to buy on e-bay for a quid...xxxx

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
haha, how overdramatic is the british press and some of the public?! a bit of snow and its like the world is coming to an end!
there just making everyone unnecessarily worry as always! the one thing i hate about the uk, the negativity of the press! its hilarious!(sorry, I can get a bit passionate! haha)


The Clothes Horse said...

Those shoes rock!
And ugh! I officially hate snow...

♥ fashion chalet said...

I still have plastic rings from when I was 12 and 14 haha =] so yes, I agree to your comment! xxx

kandace said...

I always play dress up when I'm stuck inside. I mean it's better than just watching tv. But your post just reminds me of how much of a wimp I am. It like kinda iced over a little here and I was complaining it about it so much. And that jumper is awesome. Reminds me that I need to go to London for numerous reasons.

The Spelunkers said...

aaack you are ridiculous! in a good way! i love your kicks.

yiqin; said...

Omg, the print on the sweater is so cool!<3

Martha said...

the reebok kicks are wayy fitter than the primark ones. I need to get me some of those =]
I love your jumper, i' don't understand how people can find such cool things on ebay, it never works for me.
Finally we have a school snow day too!
Enjoy the snow angel making (y)

Claire said...

the diary will look super "vintage" by 2010 :)

i love the jumper.
i hate those ripoff reeboks too. i have a pair of the lemon ones. not completely patent but bits are.
i think you can still tell the difference between real and fakes though.


Laroux said...

I love the snow so much, your jumper is great too - I love the pattern


Kay said...

For once Boris Johnson made sense when he said there was no point in Britain investing in snow ploughs given that snow this heavy only happened once every two decades...
and I HATE Primark! This is a) because they rip everything off and b) because of their ethical record, which I am trying to stop myself ranting about all the time.
It's clear yours aren't Primark though, you can see the difference in quality a mile off.

Hannah Cheeto said...

asfdsfjkdlsjsd the shoes are amazing! But, the knockoffs? Um...

Vitriol said...

Great! Then u should love my blog :o]

Pablo said...

These Reeboks Freestyle are pretty cool, and you stand correctly, they're rare and hard to find. I'm also into vintage stuff, and those are also my favorite shoes! I acknowledge it's an old post, but since I'm here I felt like writing something... Happy Holidays! :)

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