Wednesday, 4 February 2009

"Modesty? No such thing over here..."

Get yours here! Image is also from there...

So for like your hard earned £32 you can like so totally buy some spandex mesh.

What in the world is THAT?! Stef showed me this post at Catwalk Queen just a minute ago...and I honestly had no words, for once. Oh and by the way, as if you cannot guess, it is an American Apparel garment - that they claim is a dress.

It is supposed to be based on the Henry Holland mesh dress, but AA being AA decided to go one step further and removed the polka dot DECENCY patches.

Are they seriously trying to breed a generation of sluts?! Do they not realise that some of their customers are 14-year-old's?

What do you think? For me, even if is worn with something underneath, it is still an ugly piece of £32 nothing-ness.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

i agree with you. I wouldnt dare spend 32 bucks on this thing.

i can buy fabric for less than 10bucks and make something 100 times better than that.

kaitlyn said...

i don't even know what i would do with that. lol. like... i have no idea how i could ever make something like that work. its not even sexy for like lingerie purposes. its just really really weird. haha. i love your blog!


sandraaa_xo said...

urgh, allow how graphic that images is for 14 year olds!
seriously their soft porn image is getting worse.
and also you're right how on earth can they be encouraging stuff like that with people so young buying their stuff.
plus nooo way am i paying £32 for that!

Sarah said...

AA are just all too sensationalist because it gets them publicity, it's sad... also, I don't really have £32 to spend on what is effectively a glorified fishing net.

KB said...

Woah that's horrible, you can pretty much see everything. I don't even know how you could really layer it up successfully, I think mesh is better when it's looser, I've ordered the loose t-shirt version. Definitely wearing something underneath.

Anonymous said...

This picture of the dress It's just made as an inspiration of what you can do with the dress. I just bought one and i have great creative plans for it. I'm not going to do a slutty look at all. You guys are uncreative and negative.

Rachy said...

why would you buy that dress regardless of being uncreative. it's an ugly..slutty..dress anyways and anyone who buys it. it says a whole lot about them. its a stripper dress..simple as..

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