Sunday, 1 June 2008

Apparently The devil Does not wear Primark...

Stephie and I have been looking forward to Channel 4 TV show, 'The Devil Wears Primark', presented by fashionista Alexa Chung. The show was going to reveal the poor working conditions that the clothes are actually made in, similar to TV shows such as 'Blood Sweat and T-Shirts' on BBC3. It was supposed to be aired about 15 minutes, but when I switched over to Channel 4, the movie 'Without a Paddle' was showing. What the hell?! I do not know whether the scheduling has changed or whether the Internet rumours are true; I might never be able to watch this documentary. Apparently the show has been pulled, suggesting that Primark's bank account is behind all of this nonsense (according to Yahoo Answers!) Others suggest that Channel 4 broke some rules because they interviewed workers and did not hide their identities. Rumours, Rumours, but did the documentary really reveal so much? So much so that Primark had to put a stop to it? Would it really have had such a damning effect on the company? More importantly, would it have really stopped people from buying clothes from Primark?

Those questions will be left unanswered until we see this documentary and hopefully it has not been pulled permanently off-air. If anyone knows anything, comments please!

Latest update: Might be showing in a few weeks, after said problems are fixed. Also all Primark staff should have been briefed about what to say if customers ask about the documentary.


ROBOTS said...

Good blog!

She's Dressing Up said...

I'm very intrigued about this documentary! My friend knows a guy that took part in the sweatshop scenes, apparently it was pretty grueling!

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