Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Joys of Orange Palms...

I get extremely BORED trying to tan my extremely hard to tan pasty oriental legs. It totally sucks ass trying as I will always stay pasty pasty. 2 Hours and I might have a red tint...! Why can't I have the same 'easily tanning' genes as my brother and sisters?! One hour anywhere under the SUN and they turn into golden goddesses! But I have to be the milky sister.
I guess I have to stick to my Dove Summer Glow lotions (Highly recommended!)...the joys of Orange Palms.

S'laters xoxo

PS Stephie-Pie...I will indeed start skipping like you are so we won't have Jiggly flabby-gabby legs when we walk in skirts/shorts/dresses!

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