Friday, 23 May 2008

I Saved Myself 15 Quid by Doing it Myself

Firstly a reply to Stephie's post. She reckons the outfit looks better on me because I am slimmer. I am not slimmer than Stephie, I just don't have her hips. It looks good on both of us. She wants black tights because she likes to dress 'safe'. You should see the other outfit. It’s nice because it’s safe. Sometime you just have to take chances and be a little braver and wear the non-usual, non-you, outfit, in this instance the electric blue tights. They are fab. And even more fab with the whole outfit. It adds that needed touch to bring it from 'safe and blah' to 'me likey!' (/Rachie approves). And it looks good on her...The short skirt and cute heels makes her legs look her mum's words, "Maybe your legs are just too long". Now if that isn't enough to make you wear the blue tights with the outfit, then what is?

Are you wondering how I saved myself £15? Okay everyone has seen/heard of that American Apparel skirt, this one. The high waist interlocked black skirt (that says £17 online but I am sure it was £18 in store). I really wanted one. But I refused to buy one because I detest "AA". Why? Because they are too expensive, they make nice clothes but it is not worth the money because of the lack of hardship put into the work, it is easily recognisable as an AA item and also everyone wears it head to toe and probably buy their soap there too (they do sell it) just to say they wash with American Apparel. I do agree some things are very, very nice, Leggings and socks for instance. But the tees, I am sure it is not necessary to have a £12 plain cotton t-shirt. Before any AA lovers start saying this and that about their love for the brand, this is just my opinion! And I am sure many can see my reasoning- a London student with parents who are not rich who lives in an area where Atlantic Clothing (EVIL!) is the shiznett and where many have never heard of American Apparel, will agree. And plus what money I do have to spend on garments/kick-a-licks must be worth the money otherwise it will not come home with me.

Back to how I saved the dosh. I really liked that skirt. I knew if I spent £18 I would most probably wear it for a couple of months and never wear it again. It would have been a waste. I wanted a cheaper alternative which isn't, to put it bluntly: BAIT. I considered making a similar one but I did not realise stretch jersey was quite pricey. So whilst in Primark yesterday I came across millions of boob-tubes. Brain Wave. The light bulb switched on. I saw the black one. It was stretchy. A decent length. I got my size, and in full view of the sweating Primark-ers I put it round my legs. Yes ladies a boob-tube is now my alternative AA skirt-minus the interlocking part (a mere sacrifice to save £15, no?). Magic. Genius even. And wait for it...£1.50. I moved around in it, it was not too tight, nor was it too short. Dare I say, Perfect? Of course there was one glitch. The light shined through the cheap material and it made it a teeny-weeny bit see through. Easily solved: get another one and sew it together. I was going to get another black one but a friend suggested something better. Get another colour and make it reversible....! Absolutely genius. So I got an electric blue, went round to Stephie's today and made magic, Skirt magic. Ultimately I have two skirts, which is not recognisable as AA or Primark for £3. Barginlicious.

Please excuse my lamo poses and non photoshop-ness! And also excuse my man like shape (where are my hips dammit!) But here they are..not bad huh? I wasn't overly keen on blue but its quite nice now. (^_^)!

A quick tip if you do the same thing: Buy one, one size bigger and one your normal size. It will fit nonetheless because of the stretch material but it will make the sewing much neater and they will fit together better. Bare in mind its Primark and one may be slightly longer than the other. I sewed it at the bottom so if one is longer you can tuck it in at the top. That ladies, is how you make magic; money saving and quick fashion fix.


elisabeth mccoubrie said...

my goodness!you are a genius!!what an excellent idea :D and your right about AA, i love their skirts in there but they're way to expensive for what they are!

gem fatale said...

We have two things in common... I am a hipless wonder, and also I am a fan of the boob-tube as skirt thing! Great minds think alike! Love the outfit(s)! Lovely blog xo

Rachie-Pie said...

yay for the boob tube/skirt!

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