Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dirty, Dirty, Londoners

Dirty Londoners part 1:
On my way to Oxford Street on the underground at Kings Cross station, guess what I see on the platform? POO. Yep. Poop. In other words, a big dollop of doodoo. How rank is that? Right in the middle and this poor man had to clear it up. I just hope it was dog’s mess and NOT HUMAN EXCREATION.

Dirty Londoners part 2:
After a relatively short browse around the shops, we decided to go to Hyde Park as the Sun was still high in the sky. After taking some snappy snaps, I knelt down. When I got up a piece of GUM with a CIGERETTE BUTT in it was stuck to my knee. How gross (above picture).

You see we live amongst some grimy people who do not care for the green, green park that they get to relax in and that results in Subway bags (with the leftover Sub fillers) flying around Hyde Park.

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